Tuesday, August 28, 2007


And just in case you still think I'm out of my gourd...

I've just now picked up a fascinating new book: Superfractals, by mathematician Michael F. Barnsley. It is all to do with fractals, chaos theory, iterated function sets (IFS), topology, code space and probability.

In the beginning (pg. 4), he writes: "I think that just over the horizon, in the direction in which this book points, there is an unambiguous, new branch of geometry that combines colour and space."

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Unknown said...

Barnsley's "Superfractals" are also featured on the Junk DNA portal - because of their relevance to mathematization (geometrization) of biology in general, and to FractoGene (fractal DNA governing development of fractal organelles, organs and organisms).

FractoGene (2002) provided quantitative predictions for the fugu Purkinje neurons, with the prediction experimentally supported and published in peer-reviewed science paper

Significance is not merely scientific (geometrization of biology) - but the fact that in "Post-ENCODE Genomics" PostGenetics hundreds of millions suffering from Junk DNA diseases must be helped.